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  • Shareware, Trialware and Demo: Try before you buy software. Typically includes a 30 day trial period, so there's no money up front and no risk.
  • Freeware: Software that is completely free to use, however in most cases, the software is unsupported by the developer/publisher.
  • Beta: Software that is in its initial testing stages, giving access to all the newest features and allowing you to help shape the final product. It is typically free to use during the test period, but can have bugs and may be unsupported.

Newest Reviews

SonoBat (Marisol)

Very good software. It's a new form to analyse my files for my thesis which I found useful so far.
Published: Aug 24, 2016

Path Too Long Utility (Frans Daniel)

I used to have problems with long file names, but after using this tool everything was solved. Many thanks for this wonderful tool.
Published: Aug 22, 2016

Easy Java Simulations (Antonio)

Excellent, in this software we find everything we need for a good performance of the developed applications.
Published: Aug 20, 2016

Classic Chess (Rishi)

This chess is faulty. They don't follow rules properly and sometimes there is cheating, may be for error programming. Low quality.
Published: Aug 18, 2016

Relatively Yours (Pauleen)

This program was well ahead of its time but now that it not being supported or improved.
Published: Aug 16, 2016

Path Too Long Utility (Samantha Chloe)

Long Path Tool helps me a lot when I have an issue like file deleting or renaming the file. Also good to use if filename and file extension is too long.
Published: Aug 14, 2016

CLAD Genius (Mikey)

Really happy with my purchase of this software. I have gone out of my way to make it apparent that this tool is one of the best on the market. 50 ads can be posted for free with there demo. Our car dealership is booming thanks to this software. Thanks CLAD Genius!
Published: Aug 13, 2016

CAD To DMC (Chiu Scott)

I try to install the software but I don't have the password. This is a free software, why does it require password?
Published: Aug 12, 2016

Web Work Order (Kilutha)

Very good and very powerful software. I recommend anyone to use this software. It's working friendly.
Published: Aug 8, 2016

3D Live Snooker (George Rivers)

Snooker is not an easy game, but practice helps much. I still have a problem. I bought v.2.72 and do not find any field for the password I received. In the right corner I read 'BUY NOW', but it is bought and paid. Has anyone an idea, what goes wrong?
Published: Aug 6, 2016

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Newest Software

Typeeto  v.1.4.118

Typeeto is a handy tool that enables you to use your Mac keyboard as Bluetooth keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, other Macs and many different devices.

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker  v.1.0.1

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker is an Internet port blocking utility, connection viewer, TCP monitor and logger. It monitors and selectively blocks access to local ports or remote ports/IP addresses based on user configuration. Lightweight, easy to use.

Extract Anywhere  v.

You want to create a script for a specific website and you don't know where to start? Start using Management-Ware Extract Anywhere! With our Data scraper script builder, you can extract data from almost any Website. Try our data ming software today!

CompactSections  v.1.1.6

Construction of arbitrary 2D compact cross-sections. Geometric, Elastic and Plastic Section properties. Elastic and Plastic Bending Analysis. Fully Programmable. Integrates with Excel or Matlab.

N-Button Lite  v.

It creates up to 16 widgets to control serial port and Netwok related devices without any programming. It supports Serial Port/USB and Network connection between PC and devices. It allows you to access and control the widgets remotely.

DrumPads  v.2

DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows that lets you play drum sounds using your keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. It has 12 playable drum pads and 100 different drum samples. It also supports MIDI input and output.

Advance Line Count  v.4.0.0

The Advance Line Count tool is all new powerful Line Count software for Transcription Industry, including Medical Transcription, Secretarial as well as translation industry. The Advance Line Count is a useful tool to count Lines, Word, Pages, etc

Permission Analyzer  v.2.2.0

Permission Analyzer scans your network and combines NTFS permissions with user and group data from the Active Directory. All data that is stored locally can be retrieved to create overviews of permissions per group or user.

Lodgit Desk Hotel Software for Mac  v.1.15.16

Booking software for all kinds of lodging establishments incl. reservation schedule, booking and guest list, cleaning list, statistics, correspondence, guest management, optional online booking system, cashbook.

SAM Broadcaster PRO  v.2016.7

Start your online radio station with SAM Broadcaster PRO. Advanced audio features (cross-fade detection, gap killer, volume normalization), stream in multiple formats, large music libraries and much more. All you need is included to sound like a PRO!

Hotel Management - Full Board Version  v.6.42

Hotel Management System Full Board Version is an easy-to-use hotel management software that can manage your full board hotel or motel. Ideal for reservations, hotels and guest houses. Track Customers and avoid Double Bookings.

Prism Video Converter Free for Mac  v.2.60

Prism Free Video Converter for Mac is the most stable and comprehensive multi-format video converter available. You can compress or convert video files in minutes. Use the batch conversion feature to convert thousands of videos in Prism.

OrgScheduler 1+1  v.9.0

OrgScheduler 1+1 gives you low cost network solution for sharing central planner simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup. Meaning the calendar belongs to everyone and everyone can read and write to it.

Doxillion Plus Edition  v.2.53

Doxillion Plus Edition is a multi-format document converter and one of the fastest ways to convert DOC, DOCX, PDF, Word, and other formats. Use Doxillion Plus Edition to convert batches of documents easily.

Prism Plus Edition for Mac  v.2.60

Prism Plus Edition for Mac is the most comprehensive and stable multi-format video converter available. You can convert or compress video files in quickly. Use Prism's batch conversion feature to convert thousands of videos.

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