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  • Shareware, Trialware and Demo: Try before you buy software. Typically includes a 30 day trial period, so there's no money up front and no risk.
  • Freeware: Software that is completely free to use, however in most cases, the software is unsupported by the developer/publisher.
  • Beta: Software that is in its initial testing stages, giving access to all the newest features and allowing you to help shape the final product. It is typically free to use during the test period, but can have bugs and may be unsupported.

Newest Reviews

Predicted Desire (Eleanore Myers)

Works great. Interesting business models included. Gives you an accurate 48-month prediction for your business case.
Published: Oct 17, 2016

Logos Bible Software (Divya)

I love this software. It is very much helpful for my bible study and for the better understanding.
Published: Oct 15, 2016

Design Tools - 2D Design V2 (Zee)

It is a really good software but can get annoying when adding textures, it is a good software for people with patience. I adore this software so I rate it ****
Published: Oct 13, 2016

The Holy Bible - Tamil-English (Jeyasingh)

The Holy Bible Tamil English is a very useful software which every Tamil knowing christian should use. It's search feature and verse list feature are excellent.
Published: Oct 8, 2016

DualCAD Spatial (Bob VanValkenburg)

I gave it a 5 because it is the only Microstation clone I have found and I am a microstation fan that can not afford it for my personal use. It feels very much like ustation and it is the closest I have found. Nice 2d cad package.
Published: Oct 5, 2016

pcaColumn (Asad)

I have used this software a number of times. It is a very useful software.
Published: Oct 3, 2016

Limewire Pro (Maximus)

Best limewire I ever used I think came out around the years 2004-2005 I'm not sure but it was the best out there those days
Published: Oct 1, 2016

Backgammon Pro (Azy)

I am a grand master with a rating over 2250. I work with statistics and this program does cheat. The probability to obtain the rolls it needs to come off the bar or hit a player is astronomical. This is not random. If you look at the stats you will see that the double rolls work out according to probability BUT you will find that the doubles come at the end game after you already know you won the game. It rolls double at a rate to high to be the last roll or last few rolls. While the computer rolls double to win a game quite often at last few rolls. I have seen it roll 5 doubles in the last rolls. Two pieces on the bar and the only good roll be 3-6 or 6-3 and roll the 3-6 consecutively hit me and win the game. Then in very next game duplicate rolling 3-6 to come off the bar. Highly unlikely. Also, there seems to be set ratings once reach you will loose games win again only to loose on the set ratings again. 2241 is one of those set ratings.
Published: Sep 28, 2016

ONVIF Device Manager (Zoran Jevtic)

Onvif is a quite suprise for me. I am testing it and so far it is a very good solution
Published: Sep 26, 2016

Golden Al-Wafi Translator (Esmail Sulaiman)

It is an excellent translator. I have been using it for many years and I highly recommend it.
Published: Sep 24, 2016

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Newest Software

IObit Uninstaller  v.

IObit Uninstaller 6 offers the easiest and fastest solution to completely delete programs, useless Windows Apps, problematic Windows updates and browser plugins. Even it's a malicious plugin or toolbar that can't be removed by anti-malware programs.

RapidTyping  v.5.2

Learn how to use your keyboard in a fun and entertaining way for absolutely free. RapidTyping is designed to teach adults and kids to use their computer keyboard more efficiently than ever. Learning to type can be easy and fun!

LangOver  v.5.0.10

LangOver helps in case you write some text and forgot to click ALT+SHIFT or CAPSLOCK. Annoying, eh?! That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language. LangOver will fix it.

The Creator for Mac  v.7.2.3

The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software - create logos that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over! Create web graphics, podcast albums, page headers and all kinds of graphics for your website, blog or social network group

Recovery Explorer Professional - Linux  v.6.8.1

Recovery Explorer Professional is a program that corresponds precisely to the requirements of data recovery professionals. This software application offers data recovery experts a set of tools to cover data loss cases to the greatest possible extent.

EQMS Lite : Free CRM  v.2016.1.0

EQMS Lite is simple ready to use free CRM software, to manage your business enquiries or leads in 3 easy steps i.e. Enquiry - Follow up - Closure

Human Emulator  v.4.9.38

That is how Web Human Emulator was made - it is Internet Explorer, 'wrapped' in PHP. What was once taking time for a day or two, now takes less than an hour.

Bank2QFX  v.

Bank2QFX is an useful utility to convert QIF,OFX,QFX,QBO,OFC files to the QFX format. Open your bank file in format you have and convert to QFX format.

SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit  v.1.0.2

A multipurpose tool that works with a built-in or USB-connected 3G/4G modem in your computer. Stay connected when you move around or leave your PC unattended. It can reconnect your device in case of a drop-out, monitor your usage, send SMS, etc.

GrafX Creative Studio  v.2.6.90

GrafX Creative Studio is a powerful desktop publishing software. Create Greeting cards, invitations, clipart, business cards, brochures, letterheads, folders, logos, forms and much more.

Speed Color Screensaver  v.3.0

Do you like cars? If yes, this screensaver is definitely for you! We are glad to present original Speed Color screensaver with watch stylized speedometer. Treat yourself and amaze your friends! This product is very compact size and simple to install.

Predicted Desire  v.1.52

If you could look one year ahead, would you want to see? Predicted Desire is calculating a Startup with a single product. Fine-tune as many cost-driving parameters as you want. See revenue and net profit results graphically displayed over time.

Bopup Messenger for Android  v.1.0.15

This app allows to exchange messages and communicate with users connected to the same communication server software from mobile and desktop-based messaging clients. Instant messaging is strongly encrypted and logged on the self-hosted IM server.

Efficcess Network  v.

Efficcess Network is specially designed for small to medium workgroups to share data! With network edition, different users in your organization can access the same copy of data, to work in conjunction and improve work efficiency!

WebcamMax  v.

WecamMax enables you to add thousands of effects or doodling to webcam video for live video chats, streaming or recording. As a virtual webcam, it also enables you to show videos, pictures, desktop screen or even multiple webcam videos to others.

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